West… Em… where did this come from? It was like naming a third child (well it is our third child), all the names we came up with were so cliché…… After pages and pages of names, I thought to myself, “what is important to me? What is my goal here?” My family is my everything and my two beautiful daughters (West and Em). They are my, “why”. I constantly am building them up and telling them how smart and beautiful they are, encouraging self-confidence that we all deserve to have. I want to instill in them self-worth and beauty, just like I want to instill in everyone. We are all beautifully and wonderfully made. At the spa we want people to feel radiant and confident in their own skin. We just help them see the beauty in themselves that we all see.

When you come into the spa you are greeted by several different natural elements, promoting a very calming and relaxing environment. We have a natural moss wall with beautiful live edge shelves. We have kept the natural beauty of these elements just like we do with our treatments. We strive to treat and protect our natural elements as we progress in age.

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